DGT 公司的灵活解决方案源于经验,
体现 “德国制造” 精神

DGT德国气体科技设备系统有限公司生产传感器控制的高性能气体充气设备和气体浓度检测设备,并为用于充气中空玻璃(氩气、氪气、氙气)的快速可靠生产进行了优化,进一步改善中空玻璃的保温性能。中空玻璃生产行业高性能气体充气设备和气体浓度检测设备: 操作简便, 高效率, 为充气技术提供代替方案, 在全球1900多个设施安装中得到验证

Based on high-quality developments, advanced technology and experienced technicians, DGT-Anlagen und Systeme GmbH, Poing/Munich and Sauerlach, Germany is known as world leader for all kinds of reliable gas filling equipments.
Keeping gas filling easy:
• self explaining setup and installation
• easy push-button operation
• no external calibration needed
• no adjustments needed
• unskilled workers can do the job
To support and advise customers all over the world DGT can rely on the unique expertise of their technicians and engineers, who originated, developped and optimized gas filling technology since the late seventies.