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DGT - Anlagen und Systeme GmbH.

Expertise in Gas Filling and Testing.

Your Partner - Worldwide.

The most comprehensive and reliable range of sensor-controlled gas fillers worldwide, customized for all different manufacturing techniques to reliably produce and gas fill sealed I.G. units is made available by DGT. To support and advise customers all over the world DGT can rely on the unique expertise of their technicians and engineers, who originated, developed and optimized gas filling technology since the late seventies as DCL Glas Consult GmbH.

DGT-Anlagen und Systeme GmbH, Poing/Munich and Sauerlach, Germany, therefore has established as world leader for all kinds of reliable rapid gas fillers, mixers and gas filling equipments for I.G. production and is treasured for its all-easy fillers, offering automatic internal calibration without any external adjustments required, optimized for low loss Krypton-filling, equipped with highest filling rates, for vertical or horizontal gas batching.

Since the nineties, DGT´s new business unit „gas sensors and analytics" was found a perfect supplement to DGT´s gas batchers for noble and technical gases, offering precise EN1279:6 related testing equipment for reliable TQM in I.G. manufacturing.


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